About Us

EKON İMAR” realizes urban transformation projects, conservation plans, environmental planning plans, regional plans, tourism master plans and tourism zone plans, organized industrial zones plans, university campus plans, UNESCO projects and European Union investment supported fund projects, TCK (State Highways) and DSI (State Hydraulic Works) projects, power plant planning projects such as SES, WPP and HEPPs, architectural, landscape and urban design projects, transportation projects and strategy plans, as well as maps, geological survey, urban and geographical information systems which will provide basis for all these works of all scales with its expert team in a participatory policy with unique strategies.

Our company undertakes the construction of turnkey project development works with spatial and strategic plans of all scales and sizes. It is capable of performing the “Plan and Project” works of both private companies and affiliates, as well as all public institutions and organizations with the authority to make plans and get them made, and is one of the leading companies in the sector with its portfolio and references.

There are 5 city and regional planners, 2 architects, 1 restorer architect, 2 landscape architects, 2 geodesy and photogrammetry engineers and 1 computer engineer in our staff.

Out Team